Front Door Recycling Collection Schedule

Our 2017/2018 Collection Calendar

FDR (Front Door Recycling) will be dropping off and collecting bags in Lake Gardens and Macarthur park according to this calendar.

FDR collection calendar 2017 2018

You can also download a copy of the calendar here:

What do we collect?

Clothing: tops, pants, jumpers, dresses, skirts.
Textiles: towels, sheets, pillow cases.
Blankets: woolen and material blankets, sleeping bags, doonas/duvet.
Leather goods: shoes, belts, bags.

FDR making recycling easy:

  • Place all items into the supplied FDR bag
  • Place the FDR bag beside your letterbox on the morning of collection day

Please ensure everything is clean. And that there are no hazardous substances or chemicals.

Interested in being part of FDR as a client, person we support or to donate clothing and textiles? Contact us today on 03 5366 3033 or

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Contact us today on 03 5366 3033 or

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