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Announcing FDR and DELVE

If you happen to be passing our new premises at 2A Michaels Drive Ballarat, you will see Merrimus new signage for FDR (Front Door Recycling) and DELVE (Disability Education Learning Vocation and Empowerment).

Merrimu is proud to continuously introduce new learning and work experience opportunities for the communities we serve.

Our new Ballarat Hub is excited to extend its scope to include DELVE and FDR commencing late 2016.

The DELVE program, Disability Education Learning Vocation Empowerment, provides real-life work experience combined with training in employability and independent living skills. DELVE helps people make successful transitions to a productive and involved life this program can be accessed by people with varied skills and backgrounds seeking new opportunities and employment pathways.

FDR, Front Door Recycling, is a business model enabling a person to be actively involved in a business whose sole mission is to give back to community by recycling clothing and textiles. FDR actively participates with community organizations and business partners to enable a collective approach to recycling clothing and textiles.

Together with DELVE, FDR will facilitate and promote opportunities for participants to practice their DELVE learnt program based skills on a progressive basis. Each of DELVE’s functional skills and specific activity and task based skills programs form part of FDR’s business model of operations, allowing participants to be fully immersed in practicing their learnt skills on a daily basis.

We look forward to discussing FDR and DELVE more with you as we continue to strive to meet the growing demands for new work experience and learning opportunities.