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Announcing our Accommodation Forums!

Photo of a set of suburban houses
Housing is important to everyone. As the NDIS rolls out it will bring with it some new and exciting opportunities for housing and accommodation for people with a disability. Under the NDIS you will be able to access funding to assist you to live independently, whatever that means to you.  You can also access funding for a support coordinator to assist you to set up the housing arrangements.

The NDIS can provide funding for you to access safe and accessible housing. This may mean you continue to live at home with your parents or family or it could mean accessing funding to work with someone to set up your own home sharing with others, or on your own. For example last year The Age newspaper had a story about a group of three woman in Geelong who had pooled their NDIS funding to rent a house together, and have their choice of support worker present.  There are many different options and every person’s needs and the way they want to live can be different.

But navigating through all the different choices and options, and planning for the future, can be difficult. To help you with this Merrimu’s Family and Carers Committee will be running a series of Accommodation forums to provide you with information on this process. The first forum will be held soon, with our first guest speaker. Stay tuned for more details and let us know what you would like to hear about, or if there are any speakers you would like to see!