annecto remains open and will continue to provide support services throughout the Coronavirus outbreak

Garry’s Story

“Merrimu helps me at home two afternoons a week. I like the staff’s sense of humour! On Tuesdays we do lots of things together; we tidy up my unit, change my bed linen, remake my bed and do my weekly shopping list. We are always busy. When we work together we chat and laugh.
On Thursdays we go shopping at IGA in Ballarat, on our way to my unit. I have a pretty strict budget to stick to that the staff help me with. On the way, we call in to the chemist. They know me well at the chemist. I go in on my own and collect my weekly pack.
When we get to the unit we unpack all the shopping together. We enjoy cooking delicious, healthy meals together for the week ahead. The staff encourage me to make different things and I feel I am learning a lot. We pack meals into containers that I put in the freezer so I have healthy dinners all week to choose from. When I need to go to the doctor or other appointments, staff help me do this too.
I feel good about all the help I get from Merrimu, I feel my life is a lot better since
starting here at Merrimu already!”

What is important to you today? Merrimu’s twenty-four seven Enhancing Independence service supports you to build skills, confidence and independence. Our staff will assist you wherever you need to be – whether it’s to keep medical appointments or learn how to cook.
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