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Jem’s Story

Jemmerson (Jem) in woodwork cropped FEb 18th 2016
Jem enjoys coming to Merrimu because he learns how to make things.

Jem is in his mid 20s and before coming to Merrimu attended a Men’s Shed. “I didn’t really like it as I didn’t get to do as much as I do now,” he says.

“My favourite thing to do at Merrimu is woodwork. I find handyman work easy and enjoy hammering at woodwork,” he says.

Improving his handwriting is another challenge that Jem is working hard at as he says he finds it difficult and needs help.
Jem enjoys being out in the community and likes to go for walks or out for drives and looking for drink bottles and sunglasses as he collects them.
Jem is very happy to be volunteering at the Recranked program run by the YMCA in Ballarat. This program takes old, unused and unwanted bikes that are broken and repairs them so they become safe for someone to ride. Jem says he enjoys working on the bikes very much.

Jem fixed up one bike and was thrilled when the Recranked program gave him the fixed bike along with a new helmet. In keeping with this spirit of generosity Jem then donated his old bike to the program to be fixed up.
Jem is proud that he is achieving his goals especially developing his social skills and mixing with others and being a valuable member of his community through his volunteering.

Jem is not sure what he wants to do next but is excited to continue explore new opportunities at Merrimu.

This story is from our 2015 Annual Report. You can read more on our Publications page.