Enhancing independence

Enhancing independence

What is important to you today?

Our service provides individual support one on one anywhere you need it, to assist with the important things that help you to get on with your day.

Make the switch to enhancing your independence

Merrimu supports you, or your child, to build skills, confidence and independence. It’s all about facilitating the important things that help you to get on with your day and build independence.

Make the switch to individual support

Merrimu works with you and your support people to create a unique plan, with your choice of opportunities and experiences. We have extended our services to include individual support in your home and in your community for people at all ages, child or adult, and for all disabilities. It’s about enhancing your independence.

Make the switch and create your own unique plan

Your plan is designed to fit what you need, whether it’s to:

  • enhance your independence;
  • access personal care;
  • learn new life skills;
  • increase your participation in work or education;
  • connect with your community;
  • enjoy recreation and social opportunities.

At Merrimu, your independence is your choice at any age.

Make the switch to access services when and where you need them

Merrimu works with you and your support people to achieve what is important in your life, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We support you to access what you need, when you need it.

Merrimu assists you wherever you need to be – at home, at work or in the community. Whether it’s keeping a medical appointment, supporting your family time, employment assistance or learning how to cook, Merrimu can work with you to achieve your goals. Because we all need to get on with our day.

Make the switch with the NDIS.

We support people of all ages and all disabilities under the NDIS. Contact us for more information.


‘I want to learn how to do more stuff for myself, and Merrimu is helping me be independent. I feel good and much happier’ – Steven

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