Planning, facilitation & mentoring

Planning, facilitation & mentoring

We work with people to ensure they have choice about the things they need to reach their goals.

Finding what is important to the people we support is important to Merrimu.

We work with adults, their families and their support people to find the right pathways to reach their goals. Through planning, support and mentoring, we ensure people have choice about the things that are important to them. We work with each person to create a unique plan that’s just for them, with their choice of opportunities and experiences.

We plan and facilitate programs in group or individual settings, and continue to provide ongoing mentoring to ensure people are achieving their goals. And, we build strong community partnerships to help people access the things they need.

Transition from school or another organisation

We work with people to plan and discuss transition options to suit the unique needs of each individual. Because each person chooses the things that are important to them, every transition plan is different.

Transition is a flexible process where adults and their support people can visit and take part in activities prior to starting with Merrimu. This gives people the chance to meet others and staff, and to set up their chosen service options with support from our team.

How we work with you

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