Recreation & social opportunities

Recreation & social opportunities

We can help you find the pathways for a happy, engaging and meaningful life.

Our recreation and social choices cover a broad range of interests. Here are some of the ways the people we support can have fun together, learn something new and keep life sparkling.

Dancesport Westside

Dancesport Westside is an independent organisation that offers a range of dance lessons for different abilities. A group from Merrimu attends the studio once a week to learn dance moves and routines. It’s a great way for the people we support to express themselves creatively and enjoy a social outing with friends.

Sports group

The sports group focuses on helping the people we support to get moving and have a go at various sports. A session may involve a brisk walk around the bike track, or may include some indoor cricket or basketball. People of all abilities are able to take part in a range of different activities.

We also support people to participate individually in sporting activities within the wider community. For example, some of the people we support have chosen to go to the local gym or attend individual dance classes.


The choir meets together regularly to practise songs and work towards its annual concert. The concert each year is followed by a morning tea, which gives the people we support a chance to catch up socially with their family and friends from the audience.

The Artisan Shed

The Artisan Shed is a space for the people we support to take part in a variety of craftsmanship and art activities, such as woodwork, leatherwork and pottery. Each person decides on their own project, and is assisted to take it from the planning stage through to completion. These projects provide the people we support with opportunities to develop a range of new skills, to spend time working alongside others on a pastime they enjoy, and to experience shared achievement when the project is finished.

‘I love music and dancing. It’s something that comes from my heart.’ – Mary

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