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Welcome to FDR

Welcome to FDR!

Your fortnightly front door collection agency helping your community while saving the environment.

What is it?

FDR (Front Door Recycling) is a community based initiative of Merrimu, who work with adults with a disability and their support people to achieve what is important to them. FDR is supporting people by providing real life work experience while giving back to your community by giving pre- loved clothes and textiles a new life.

This program offers people training opportunities and real life work experience.

Areas of learning and experience include:

  • Customer service
  • Multimedia
  • Warehouse management
  • Finance and bookkeeping
  • Marketing
  • Transport and logistics

Who can be involved?

Anyone who wants to learn; youth, unemployed and varied level of ability. Our flexible model allows us to accommodate for all skill levels, ages and background.
FDR is a stepping point for people in special or mainstream schools preparing to transition to employment. It also provides people with varied skills and backgrounds new opportunities and training pathways to achieve employment.

People are supported to learn at their pace in areas of their choice.

How does it work?

FDR is providing a collection service for all pre-loved clothing and textiles. FDR provides its clients a complete solution to recycling taking care of everything from collection through to distribution. Each household receives a FDR recycling bag and a collection calendar outlining FDR’s fortnightly collection dates for the year.
We have taken all the hard work out which leaves two simple steps left to do:

  1. Fill the FDR recycled bag with clothing, textiles or leather goods
  2. Leave the full FDR bag beside the letterbox for the FDR team to collect on the nominated collection day.

The clothing and textiles will then be sorted, catalogued and distributed through FDR’s warehouse to a number of retail outlets throughout Ballarat.

Want to view our collection schedule? You can view or download the collection schedule here.


Stamp out landfill

Ballarat Council is aiming to reach a 65% reduction in waste sent to landfill by 2040*.

Help us to achieve this!

FDR recycles every donation through one of its partner retail outlets or for another purpose such as rags – no item will become land fill.

Interested in being part of FDR as a client, person we support or to donate clothing and textiles? Contact us today using the form here.

‘Working in the warehouse keeps my hands busy but also lets me help Bargain Browser, welfare and help children and adults who need clothing’ – Dwayne

Contact us today using the form here

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